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!! [@spintax@] or ''Article Spinning''
!! [@spintax@] or ''Article Spinning'' (:comment spintext spin text:)
May 02, 2014, at 10:23 AM by MichaelPaulukonis -
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[[|c# spintax processor]] - reinvention of the wheel, apparently. But a comment on the gist is where I learned the term ''spintax''.
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May 02, 2014, at 09:32 AM by MichaelPaulukonis - {Spintax|links} were {added|expanded upon}{ plus tweaks|}.
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!! [@spintax@] or ''Article Spinning''
[[]] - ''10,000's Of Free Spintax (Spin Syntax) Private Label Rights Articles''
** [[|How does a spam-blocker work]] - ''IN SPINTAX''. Oh the irony, it burns.

[[|Webspam with Spintax]] from MESPAM. There's no ''about us'' page, so I'm not sure of the "point" of the site. Marketing, probably. Irony still burning....

[[|spintax file (124 lines) accidentally sent to a ''programmer'']] - file under ''whoops''. Good comments.
[[|spintax file (181 lines)]] - appears to be a (more) complete version of the above.

[[]] - [[NodeJs|node.js]] spintax parser. Does it do nested spintax?

[[]] - socialclerk provides spintax services in tweets.

[[|The Death of Spintax: Spun Text Detection Algorithm (pseudocode)]] - most of the comments are trying to explain to the poster why it won't work. I like this one:

Nearly all content is spun content. It is either spun by the human brain, or spun by software. There is nothing wrong with spun content as long as the content is of high quality, and that it is useful, relevant and used in a responsible fashion.

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[[Xrad:amazingtext/thoughts-on-spam|AT thoughts on spam]]
[[Xrad:amazingtext/thoughts-on-spam|AT thoughts on spam]] - this blog (mine) has been down for ''years.''
January 22, 2009, at 02:33 PM by OtherMichael - start of something anderphile xgeni.s best rep.lica.s
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!! Unwanted email
[[|Spam statistics]]

!! [[#SeeAlso]] See Also
[[Xrad:interference/index.php?s=spam|interference-patterns spam posts]]
[[Xrad:amazingtext/thoughts-on-spam|AT thoughts on spam]]

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