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*[[|Two Critical Tips for Unit Testing in Jav]]
*[[|Two Critical Tips for Unit Testing in Java]]
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*[[|Making wrong code look wrong]]

[[|Making wrong code look wrong]]

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Stack Overflow: [[|naming conventions]]
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use the [[IT.TortoiseCVS|CVS]]
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*per EMC/Captiva support (cc Nov 2006), there are no existing Unit Testing frameworks that work with the FormWare VBA. They would be happy to have us pay them to develop one, however. Side note: don't see how it would be possible to integrate into InputAccel.

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[[!Programming]] [[!Design]] [[!BestPractices]]
[[!Programming]] [[!Design]] [[!BestPractices]]
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Code is read more often than it is written. It need to be both machine-readable, and human-readable. If your coworkers cannot read and make sense of your code quickly, it is poorly written.
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