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I finally ordered myself a copy of Jurafsky and Manning’s “Speech and Language Processing (2nd ed.)”. I had been put off by the price -- >$100 for the hardcover, the only available edition of the textbook (both Amazon and eBay threw these prices up; the 1st edition was available for under $12); but I found the international edition on Alibris yesterday for just under $30. It claims to be both HC and 2nd ed, so I’m hoping this will be the case; but expecting it to be paperbound.


Anyway, I was poking around Jurafsky’s site today, and found a link to his 2014 paper “Narrative framing of consumer sentiment in online restaurant reviews” - - which, of course, is analysis (of over 900,000 online restaurant reviews, what a corpus!), but intriguing.


It reminded me of the several NaNoGenMo 2014 attempts that focused on recipes.


So I started to wonder about _generating_ restaurant reviews.....




Jurafsky and Mannings MOOC is still online, although only the videos:
Here’s the book:
Here’s the alibris page, which purports to have the Internation Edition, 2ed (2008) in HC:




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NLP in Lisp - online book (early/mid-1990s)



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