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[[|Shakespeare]] - whoah.
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[[|Beatnik]] - In Beatnik, programs are written in words, but "the function of a particular word--say, brains, or aunts--is determined by the score one would receive for playing that word in Scrabble. Thus, "hello" gets us 8 points, and so on."

Sample program that prints "Hi" to the screen (other variations are possible, as long as each word is replaced with one that has the equivalent Scrabble-score):

Baa, badassed areas!
Jarheads' arses
      queasy nude adverbs!
    Dare address abase adder? *bares baser dadas* HA!
Equalize, add bezique, bra emblaze.
  He (quezal), aeons liable.  Label lilac "bulla," ocean sauce!
Ends, addends,
  duodena sounded amends.
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*as seen at [[|HackerNews]]
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