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Programming: DLL Files


DLL is Dynamic Link Library, a set of functions that can be executed, or data that can be used by a Windows application. DLL is also the file type for DLL files. For example, ‘crypt32.dll’ is the Crypto API32 DLL used for cryptography on Microsoft operating systems. There are hundreds and possibly thousands installed on your computer. Some DLLs are used only by a specific application, while others, such as crypt32.dll, are used by a wide variety of applications. The name refers to the fact that DLL’s contain a library of functions that can be accessed (linked) on demand




Misc Notes

DLL must be registered to work

  1. unregister old version
  2. register new version


Registration Tool


Possible Errors

DLL Error

  1. client machine has DLL installed, but has not restarted
  2. restart the machine


Missing DLL


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