Actual projects



text images on flickr
non-text images on flickr



Potential projects

  • ImageTexter as a Tumblr-bot - produces one per day, from a headline or random wikipedia article, or trending twitter topic, or picks one from that list? finds a photo from those terms, grabs text from somewhere related, and generates a text-image.
  • wiki visualization for pmwiki - from
  • processing.js recipe for pmwiki
  • charng conversion (simpler than Rita).
    • well, with js-integration, no need to convert.
  • start using in my web sketches
    • did so, I guess....
  • text kaleidoscope
  • see also Text
  • Now that I’ve got single-character output, and gif-making working, can “replicate” something like
  • lexical particle streamers
    • from a point-source: see
    • that’s “obviously” (to me anyway, perhaps not really) from an example of particle streams by Schiffman, only using text
      • so it seems I am indeed treading on well-tread territory
      • would be nice to see some color
      • would like to see the source be varying -- that is, point-source does not render the same word each time.
  • ascii-fied text
  • similar to some things in ImageTexter (that horrible name)


See my pinterest board “Letters in Sequences [0..n]” for ideas





From late Jan-Feb 2014, I’m participated in the MOOC Introduction to Computational Arts: Processing


The MOOC was a great introduction to working with Processing.


online assignments



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