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PmWikiDevelopment: Common Setup



See Also notes I have at PmWiki:Profiles.MichaelPaulukonis and the (or at github)


I like the project - particularly the skin, which I’ve extended by extracting it from the starter-kit so it can be standalone, and have more features.
Also, I don’t need all of the components in the starter-kit, like Blog It.
However, it might not be a bad component to have in a client-based starter. “here you go”, you know?
So, I should bundle up what I have.
See my notes @ Site.Notes -- which, if you aren’t me, you can’t see. Sorry.


TODO: config.php and .htaccess that will work in both dev and production.


config.php can be handled by some tweaks to check the servername


if ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] == 'localhost') {
    $ScriptUrl = 'http://localhost';
    $PubDirUrl = 'http://localhost/pub';



clean urls





The PmWiki distribution deliberately doesn’t include an index.php file. You can easily add your own “wrapper script” in the same directory as pmwiki.php. Create a new file called index.php with the following single line of text (missing a closing “ ?>” tag deliberately):
<?php include_once('pmwiki.php');


copy docs\sample-config.php to local\config.php



additions/changes to local\config.php

$EnableAutoSkinList = 1;

## User Authentication
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = crypt('<PASSWORD>');

## enable linebreaks by default
$HTMLPNewline = '<br/>';

##  force explicit use of link ([[...]]) markup
##  Set $LinkWikiWords if you want to allow WikiWord links.
if ($Group == '<TARGET_GROUP>') {
        $LinkWikiWords = 0## disable for this group only
        #$SpaceWikiWords = 0; ## turn off WikiWord spacing
} else {
        $LinkWikiWords = 1; ## enable WikiWord links for other groups

## must be PRIOR to the rename.php inclusion as it is called from w/in in my revised rename patch

## activate rename module
## Activate the RenamePage recipe.
if ($action == 'rename' || $action == 'postrename' || $action == 'links' ) {
  ## comment out RenameHelper if MarkupExtensions are used


refs from above: - NOTE: this script comes with the default installation - I find this to be an invaluable refactoring tool. I’m always getting pagenames “wrong” on creation.



See Also


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