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For some reason, almost all of the other wiki-groups use the group-name as their home page -- eg, Group.Group. For Perl, it’s Perl.HomePage.


As you can see. Since you are here.



No reason. Not that I can recall....




see Install Perl




free Perl reference cards (pdfs)


six O’Reilly Perl reference books


The Perl Journal (TPJ) - as found in the Dr. Dobbs’ archives
Perl resources
Higher Order Perl
advice on getting started, books, etc.
creating and maintaining Perl Modules

Perl Myths


Predefined Names - those wierd $<variable> things
more on the special $ variables


Perl one-liners



Java / Eclipse integration - Eclipse? plugin
I tried this when I was on an Eclipse tip. That was before Emacs.


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Perl.Emacs - Emacs integration


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