Perl treated as a functional programming language


I’m a Perl newbie, but I’ve grown to like the language a lot (although it’s excessive use of symbols annoys me, and some of the weirder language ideas still grate; and flattened lists still sound like a horrible idea). But it’s fast, and.... fast.


Anyway. This book takes a completely different tack than any other Perl book. Instead of treating Perl like the procedural Swiss Army Knife of Getting Computer Things Done, it treats Perl like the... er, functional Swiss Army Knife of Getting Computer Things Done. There’s a major different in there, it’s recursive, and hard to get one’s head around (if one is me, anyway).



Higher Order Perl (book) or download the entire text. Or, read both. I don’t know if it is the best Perl book out there, but it’s the one that fascinates me (a Perl beginner) the most.




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