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Misc: New Laptop

I wooted it.
hasn’t arrived yet.


potential issues and fixes:


Samsung OEM drivers and software


After about 5 months, the hard-drive died. It got reaaly, really slooooooow, anyway.....
Purchasing a new drive resusitated it.
Although I had to re-install windows and all the software.


A co-worker burned me a Windows 7 Home Pro (or whatever) Recovery CD and it worked just fine.
Registered with the Windows license on the bottom of the laptop.
Installed initial wifi drivers via thumb-drive, then by connecting directly.
It got back pretty much to the initial state. Minus, maybe, some software I didn’t care about.


I like the keyboard on this, even though it looks like chiclets.
The number-pad is handy, and I miss it when I have to use the keyboard on my work laptop (normally I use it docked, so I use a “real” keyboard at work).

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