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  1. 1. Durham, CT
    1. 1.1 Durham news
    2. 1.2 Regional news
    3. 1.3 Notre Dame Church
    4. 1.4 The Transfer Station
  2. 2. Food
    1. 2.1 Pizza
  3. 3. Steamed Cheeseburgers
  4. 4. Geology and Geography
  5. 5. Regional CT things that might be interesting to go to
  6. 6. Auto service
  7. 7. Things to go, do see, and how to find them
  8. 8. Food
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1.   Durham, CT

In March 2011 we moved from Scranton, PA to Durham, CT. So much to learn!

Durham ordinances @


The Durham Public Library is one of the oldest in the nation.


trails in the Durham area


Flickr photos tagged ‘Durham, CT’



1.1   Durham news


1.2   Regional news - family of regional papers
Middletown press - Bridgeport - New Haven



1.3   Notre Dame Church

website - which may not have been updated in a few years



1.4   The Transfer Station


2.   Food - 10″ hot dogs

This is up on Rt 66, over in Middlefield, or some other place than Durham, technically


Cozy Corner Cafe - good food, pizza is okay. It’s menu is fancier than the name lets on.
Gossip - local diner restaurant. I liked it, wife did not. UPDATE: it is gone, replaced with a fitness center!


Durham’s Kitchen - ate Sunday breakfast there. Friendly people, nice place, good food. Well, my omelet was bland (but they had run out of feta cheese). UPDATE: they’re gone, as well. Replaced with another restaurant. That also closed?!?! Not sure.


The Whole Enchilada - local chain (of about 3?) Burritos and Enchiladas, etc. Okay, and literally just down the street.


Haveli India - (860) 347-7773, 1300 S Main St, Middletown, CT 06457 - Steamed Cheeseburger Paradise - Doogie’s has, and I kid you not, 24-inch hot-dogs.

a review - I’ve wanted to go to the East Side Restaurant since before I moved to CT. Still haven’t “The best restaurants are in bad neighborhoods. East Side is no different. “



2.1   Pizza
Carmine’s pizza

16 Main St # 102, Durham, CT 06422-2116 (860) 349-5411

Also good hoagies. AM likes their cheesesteaks.




3.   Steamed Cheeseburgers



4.   Geology and Geography

Connecticut Geology @ Wesleyan



5.   Regional CT things that might be interesting to go to

Sleeping Giant State Park
Hammonasset Beach State Park



6.   Auto service

Auto Sales and Service - emissions testing and repair
Dean AutoWorks - repaired my breaks, loaner cars sometimes available. Do not do emissions :-(




Below is old Scranton information


7.   Things to go, do see, and how to find them

Olde Good Things - their main (?) restoration center and warehouse is in Scranton -- land is cheap, and it’s close enough to Philly and NYC... mmmm, sleepy sunday morning browsing
I’ve been meaning to get some more links in here. for.... years. I’ve since moved from Scranton, but have a soft-spot for browsing OGT.



8.   Food

Scranton Farmer’s Market


see Food.Pizza for rants, and local offerings



9.   See Also



10.   Tags

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