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Anyone who gripes about the profligate way Lisp uses parentheses is completely missing the point. Parentheses are just the simplest possible way of depicting tree-structures. For instance, the tree:




is topologically equivalent to: ((A)(((a)(b))(2))(C)). Lisp requires exactly as many parentheses as it needs to define such trees, and no more.


-Memoirs of an AI Hacker



Below: these are my notes and references, that I’ve found and liked, and remembered to save, and need to remember to look at again, and reorganize if not organize.


Paul Graham’s Lisp FAQ


Ian Eure: Some cool things about Lisp


some blog’s lisp categories


Steve Yegge: Lisp is not acceptable Lisp


C2: Smug Lisp Weenie


List Processing


So the short explanation of why this 1950s language is not obsolete is that it was not technology but math, and math doesn’t get stale. The right thing to compare Lisp to is not 1950s hardware, but, say, the Quicksort algorithm, which was discovered in 1960 and is still the fastest general-purpose sort. --Paul Graham


Lisp looks strange not so much because it has a strange syntax as because it has no syntax; you express programs directly in the parse trees that get built behind the scenes when other languages are parsed, and these trees are made of lists, which are Lisp data structures. --Paul Graham


Lisp humour
Using Emacs as a Lisp IDE - “features examples designed to introduce future developers to the power of Common Lisp” has a number of “coming soon” pages, but some examples of pattterns (see below) etc.


Lisp references, from Dynamic Learning Center


the journal Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation


Programming: You’re Doing it Wrong - a glower from McCarthy


LOGO is almost Lisp - see Programming.Logo


Pascal Costanza’s Highly Opinionated Guide to Lisp


A Nickel’s Worth CL section


Every language tells a story, this one is Common Lisp’s
lisp tutorial - aka “Practical Common Lisp: the book”




human-order sorting. See also: Programming.Sort?
Steve Yegge: Lisp Wins
Common-Lisp Cookbook - “a collaborative project that aims to provide for Common Lisp something similar to the Perl Cookbook published by O’Reilly.”


see also: Emacs.ELisp




see Books



Design Patterns
Design Patterns in Dynamic Programming
2 patterns in Lisp


See Also: Programming.DesignPatterns and Programming.FunctionalProgramming#DesignPatterns




Movitz - on-the-metal Lisp dev-environment


LSharp - a Lispish .NET package



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