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Lisp: Clojure

Lisp on the JVM


in which are found tricks of the trade concerning clojure authorship - more recent listing and steps than BC’s, below.


Bill Clementson: Exploring Clojure - pt 1, pt 2: Setup, pt 3: Some Language Features, pt 4: Namespaces, Clojure blogs, Clojure Emacs setup (Bill has more Clojure-related posts, but this is a sampling)


What do lispers think of Clojure? - comp.lang.lisp thread
Stack Overflow: Medium-sized Clojure sample thread
Practical Common Lisp -> Clojure


Technomancy: some thoughts on Clojure
Functional Programming with Clojure (screencast)


Clojure on Google App Engine


Learning Clojure with Project Euler
Counterclockwise is an Eclipse plugin helping developer write Clojure code.


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