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I’m the lead developer for this Grease Monkey-script-cum-Firefox-plugin. Yes, it started out as a GM auto-wrapped as an extension, but it is slowing growing into its extension home. It’s been a long strange trip since the beginning of February, 2009 when I started on this thing, without having ever having worked on another extension, GM-script, or even JavaScript! After 1.5 months or so of development it was released, and got coverage on Lifehacker and 100K downloads in the first two weeks (the former having a considerable impact on the latter). It’s had slower, but sustained, growth since then, and that’s both humbling, and a goad for future development -- and better code (hopefully). As of November, 2009, we have had more than 2 million downloads.





Custom work for hire

Are you looking for a custom Fire Fox extension, or Grease Monkey script ? You can hire me as a free-lancer to get it done!


What have I done? I’ve built Skip Screen, a top-25 Fire Fox extension that is used by over 400,000 people daily.



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