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JQuery and bookmarklets

JQuery bookmarklet
Testing jQuery Commands With Firebug Or With a Bookmarklet
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Smarter Bookmarklet shortcuts (for Fire Fox, at least)

Life Hacker: Smarter keyword shortcuts - search if terms entered; goto site normally otherwise. nice! (more reference at original link)


javascript:if('%s') location.href='';else location.href='';


pm-wiki search and edit shortcut

This example is for my own website, using the pmwiki-engine.
If no page (assumed to be accurately formatted) is provided, defaults to root page, no actions:





Search Netflix

javascript:{var loc="";if(escape("%s")){var srch="%s".replace(" ","+");loc="".replace(/SRCHTERM/g,srch)}location.href=loc}



Hey! Bookmarklets are broken in Firefox !

oy, veh!
My solution on StackOverflow

Since Firefox’s default behavior for new tabs is about:newtab, which is nothing, and bookmarklets only run once something is loaded, you can do the following to set a default page, and then run bookmarklets:


  1. open about:config
  2. find browser.newtab.url
  3. double-click and change from about:newtab to about:blank (or URI of your choice)
  4. Ctrl-T and run bookmarklets in new tabs!


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