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Added lines 28-31: - three locations in Colorado. WTF?!?!?

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!! Greek style

I haven't had a pizza with "greek" toppings, but I've had the pan-fried pizzas in both Scranton and Maine; my wife is familiar with Greek pizzerias, and Wikipedia suggests it's a New England thing.

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Local purveyors: Nearra's, Uno's (chain), and... a handful of others.
[[|Deep Dish pizza in Connecticut?]] - a thread on chowhound
looks like [[|Vito's]] is it

: Nearra's, Uno's (chain), and... a handful of others.
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Added line 14:,_Lackawanna_County,_Pennsylvania#Pizza
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I like a good double-crust white, but my wife is a fan of none of it. So I'll just leave this blank.
I like a good double-crust white ([[|Alfredo's is good]], but my wife is a fan of none of it. So I'll just leave this blank.

!! DIY

My dad makes a lot of pizza (he prefers a dry, sauce-less style). I've made it, too, but have a hard time with the crusts. Making/rising is not the issue -- it's stretching the dough. I always get holes.... aaargh. So I haven't been making it lately....

!!! email dump (notes that need organizing
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(ugly photo!) - ugly page, recipes
are interesting. uses twice as much dough fro half as many pies. hrm.

Ann Marie -- everything below is new IT USES MILK,
not water. !!! and has a good tip on pepperoni. - she was
aiming to replicate Pizza Hut's pan pizza. hrm. - uses
skillet and pre-made biscuit dough for pan-pizza while camping.
interesting, in a way.

you know what else I miss? That square-cut thin-crust at Skipper's
that had the tiny cocktail shrimp on it. mmmm... tiny cocktail shrimp
pizza... I suppose it tasted great becuase you took me there as a
kid... it tasted better when it was in the dark restaurant than when
it moved onto the brightly-lit Egan Ave location!

not deep-dish, but skillet-cooked:  - more skillet-cooked
pizza, with lots of notes on pre-heating (stove-top is best?! and test
by burning cornmeal)
- not for deep-dish, but for scorching the bottom, NY-style. you cook
on the BOTTOM of the pan (ie, turn it upside down) and use the broiler
element. hrm.,2047.0.html - not
sure if technique will work with electric oven. uh-oh....


!!! Old Forges-style recipes
WARNING: I have not tried these and they are listed for educational purposes only

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[[!Food]] [[!pizza]] [[!dining]] [[!restaurants]]
[[!Food]] [[!pizza]] [[!dining]] [[!restaurants]] [[!cooking]]
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!! Others - good - ??? mentioned on the office;

!!! Old Forge style
I like a good double-crust white, but my wife is a fan of none of it. So I'll just leave this blank.
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Calling it a "pie" sets my wife's teeth on edge, but it is a savoury pie oh yes it is.

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We like this one. I'm fond of the "Nearra's special" - a toppings-heavy pizza. They have 3 "chicago-style deep dish" offerings -- 10 lbs of cheese (it seems), buffalo chicken, and philly cheese-steak. Smacking the two non-Illinii city names in there doesn't really support the "chicago-style" label, but there you go. Cheese is VERY cheesy, and cannot be eaten hot as, once you remove the first slice, a molten wave will consume your family. The buffalo chicken is good, and we've never tried the cheesesteak. Somethings man (and my wife) were not meant to know.
September 12, 2008, at 04:12 PM by OtherMichael - savory
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(:description some call it a pie:)
!! round or square

!! Chicago Deep Dish
This is my favorite

Local purveyors: Nearra's, Uno's (chain), and... a handful of others.

!! Old Forge stylee
uh, maybe if I work up the nerve I'll say something

[[|a not-quite-impressed review]] with a LOT of fervent comments. from fervent Old Forgeans. Originally written in Aug, 2005, still garnering defense and offense.

!! Scranton-area pizzerias
!!! Nearra's
1439 Capouse Ave
Scranton, PA 18509-2375

[[|Nearra's menu]]

[[|small business award]]
>>clip lrindent<<
Nearra's Pizzeria was opened by cousins Neil Fiorillo and Antonio Piraino in 2004. Nearra's is a family run pizzeria. The name itself is an acronym for each of Neil and Antonio's children: Nico, Elisa, Alison, Ryan, Rebecca, Avery and Ava.

Nearra's specializes in traditional Italian cooking with dishes like baked manicotti, and chicken parmesan. The house specialty is hand-tossed pizza with fresh dough being made daily in the kitchen. Nearra's offers dine-in and take-out, as well as delivery throughout the city of Scranton and surrounding cities.

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