Win32 Integration - or running in Windows

Emacs will need to be set up as/running a text-server to auto-open files. EmacsW32 does this, maps the standard windows cut-copy-paste controls, and more


EmacsWiki:CategoryWThirtyTwo - special W32 notes


Emacs W32


Emacs W32 - a good (if not “the good”) Win32 customization
has not been updated in a few years, and is stopped at v24.0 or 24.1 (or something like that)
I needed 24.2 for the latest version of js2 mode. So I had to switch


The lisp files in /path/to/EmacsW32/lisp can be useful elsewhere


Particularly w32-grep.el - which makes rgrep work great.



setup on a new machine

  1. preset the HOME environment variable as desired, otherwise it ends up in %appdata/roaming% or something
  2. If you like launching Emacs via Executor
    1. EXIT AND QUIT so that it’s cache of environment variables are updated
  3. make sure that Dropbox is installed and updated
  4. make sure that the machine-name is listed inside of //Dropbox/Emacs/.emacs-personal.el
  5. install elpa/package.el
    • install code exists inside of //Dropbox/Emacs/.emacs-personal.el
  6. add something like the following to HOME/.emacs
    • (load "d:/Dropbox/Emacs/.emacs-personal.el")


  • Emacs and the server unsafe error
    • If you get this error on launch, you have to change the owner on ../USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/ from admin (probably) to your user name.


I updated both work and home machines to Emacs24 via
Specifically Download latest EmacsW32+Emacs unpatched

This will download an installer for EmacsW32 + Emacs. Emacs is the development trunk Emacs 24.0 version (not yet released!), checked out 2010-10-19, and is NOT patched. EmacsW32 is version 1.58. Approx 31 MB.


Also installed “Emacs Pause” on both machines. Hunh.




alternate method

to invstigate:

I now use regular GNU Emacs 23. It also contains Nxml, can be installed or built from sources, and with this wrapper, the Emacs server starts if no server is running. Cheers!



It’s All Text

If you want to use with the FireFox extension It’s All Text, you’ll need the above and also
"YOUR-PATH\emacsclientw.exe" %* as the auto-launch info


Associate files with Emacs

open with <..>/Emacs/Emacs/bin/emacsclientw.exe



  1. Printing from the toolbar or most menu options caused things to freeze up for me, repeatedly
    • C-g does NOT recover from the hang
  2. However, Quick Print to OS Default Printer >> Print with Web Browser worked fine
  3. find out the keystrokes for this....


NOTE under vers 33 this is all screwy and I am unhappy. more notes...



Grep? and other Gnu Win 32 Unix utils

  1. Although they come with EmacsW32, they haven’t executed straight out of the box, for me.
  2. add <..>\Emacs\EmacsW32\gnuwin32\bin to your PATH Environment Variable
    • this needs to come prior to any other dirs that may have find (eg, the native command, or cygwin)
  3. restart Emacs



See Also




Emacs win32



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