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Emacs: Emacs

THE flexible, extensible text editor

configuration & macro tools cemented together by (a form of) Lisp.


GNU’s main Emacs page


All of the greatest engineers in the world use Emacs. The world-changer types. Not the great gal in the cube next to you. Not Fred, the amazing guy down the hall. I’m talking about the greatest software developers of our profession, the ones who changed the face of the industry. The James Goslings, the Donald Knuths, the Paul Grahams2, the Jamie Zawinskis, the Eric Bensons. Real engineers use Emacs. You have to be way smart to use it well, and it makes you incredibly powerful if you can master it. Go look over Paul Nordstrom’s shoulder while he works sometime, if you don’t believe me. It’s a real eye-opener for someone who’s used Visual Blub .NET-like IDEs their whole career.


--Steve Yegge: Emacs is the 100-year editor.



I’m 40, but came (back) to programming about 6 years ago, starting with Visual Basic 6 (ay-yi-yi!). A co-worker would hard-code all his Perl in a text-editor (INCLUDING forms), which boggled my mind, but did not entrance. Slowly, I started using humble MS notepad for... notes while on the phone, open tasks throughout the day, etc. And slowly, I started wanting more. A number of other factors (desire to work closer to regexes, old desire to learn LISP [I came of age in the 80s, if you know what I mean]) lead me through a couple of editors, and finally to Emacs.


Now, I get frustrated in IDEs that I can’t key-navigate and tweak to my heart’s content.
OtherMichael July 30, 2010, at 08:52 AM - my “homepage” at emacs-wiki



Questions and Answers

Emacs wiki - the premier reference


Emacs Google group (there are others)


Gnu Emacs FAQ


StackExchange proposal for an dedicated Emacs Q&A site


SO is my current go-to for Emacs questions. The google-groups are more annoying than anything else.



Link Dump/Reference

EMACS: The Extensible, Customizable Display Editor -
1981 paper by Richard Stallman
Windows FAQ


Emacs command summary


a tutorial from the U of Chicago


Gmail via Gnus - haven’t done this, need some components I haven’t found for windows...
Emacs Code Browser - not installed


Google code for Emacs


XSteve’s Emacs Power-user tips


IBM Emacs tutorials



A Short Emacs Tutorial from EduardoOchs
nice Emacs overview, plus eev e-scripts from E. Ochs





Steve Yegge

Steve Yegge write a lot, when he writes. And it’s usually pretty darn good.
And he uses Emacs.


Effective Eacs
The Emacs Problem
Shiny and new Emacs 22 - this is from 2006; we’re now on Emacs 24
his dot-emacs file



Win32 Integration

Win 32 Integration
Programming.Gnu Win 32 - notes should show up, eventually




M-x shell


For Win32, at least, Interaction w/ Perl in Emacs via shell can be... awkward. printing does not always show up, etc.


The regular windows shell seems happy, for the most part.


See also Programming.Cmd Prompt



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See Also

Programming.Books - some Emacs in there



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