Denial is not just a river in Africa.


The Nile represents the borders and boundaries of self, a self-regulating circulatory system comprised of margins, boundaries, borders, silt, mud, effluvia, overflow, silt, water, and cyclic cycles of flood, repetition and rebirth.


We: the undisclosed and omnipresent self.


(some of these are pairs: boundaries and borders, silt and mud, effluvia and overflow, silt and water.)


When the water laps at the lintel and soaks the floor, creeps up the walls and makes the bowls float from the kitchen into the street. Waves lap at the eaves, and we are not there to see it, having left for the hills a day or so ago. Some of our neighbors were not so lucky, old and infirm or just plain stubborn, and we wished for their land, anyway. When we return: rich, loamy, top-soily with fresh deposits from the deep wet distant heart of dark.