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[[!Programming]] [!DotNet]] [[~testing]] [[~unitTesting]]
[[!Programming]] [[!DotNet]] [[!testing]] [[!unitTesting]]
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!! [[#General]] General Notes

[[|It's the Tests]] - a blog @
[[|C# NUnit Development Resources ?]]
Stack Overflow: [[|questions tagged ''nunit'']]

!! Getting it to work with Visual Studio Express 2010
[[|Setting up nUnit with Visual Studio Express]]
[[|Running NUnit Automatically in C# Express]]
[[|NUnit isn't running Visual Studio 2010 code]]

You can add nUnit as an external tool in VS Express 2010, but you still have to edit some config files in NUnit to get it to run coreectly.
If you don't have the 2.0 runtimes installed?
I'm slightly confused on this, as I did one install that worked straight out of the box; but my home install did not.
However, I don't think I have the 2.0 runtimes at home... not sure if that's the issue, or not.....

!! [[#SeeAlso]] See Also

!! [[#Categories]] Category tags
[[!Programming]] [!DotNet]] [[~testing]] [[~unitTesting]]