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An incomplete compendium of web-comics & related works (in no particular order):


I’ve moved some of my personal reading for these (and others) over to


Alien Loves Predator
Axe Cop
Cat and Girl
Count your sheep is very blue
Dinosaur Comics
Dresden Codak
Evil, Inc.
Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius IS (MWF)
Goblins - I enjoy the comic, but the constant D&D-rules-as-reality (ie, seeing hit points, characters talking about leveling bugs me. maybe because I haven’t played D&D in... 25 years?)
Hark a Vagrant - Kate Beaton
Looking for Group
Natalie Dee draws stuff
Octopus Pie
Penny Arcade
Questionable Content
Real Life Comics
Sluggy Freelance
Softer World
Something Positive is, in a sense.
Space Trawler (MW)
Truth Serum/City Cyclops Comics



Joe and Monkey
Little Dee - waaah, it’s over! But on repeats.
Patches - bears, &c (hiatus)
Wigu - well, it was Magical Adventures in Space when I started reading it.
Not Invented Here -- Programmers! Aren’t they a riot?!




Overcompensating hardly makes up for the absence of Magical Adventure in Space, but it’s something
Unspeakable Vault (of doom)


You Damn Kid - was on hiatus so long I forgot it existed....




Cockroach Pentecost -- pentecost?!??! cockroaches? WTF?


Tom the Dancing Bug (weekly)


Bob the Angry Flower - archive link
D20-something - moved to another location, and hasn’t updated?
Nomad Tofu
SpaceGirl (flash-based click-through on right)
xkcd sucks (blog) - I like XKCD (it’s within the “lotsa comics”, below, so I don’t link to it separately. But I also like this rant site.


lotsa Comics


Josh reads for Us all
Fleen makes commentary.
Oddball comics (on hiatus since... 2010???)
Culture Pulp  comics & reviews & things
Dial K for Komics (used to be “Knucklehead Komics”)
Drew Weing
Barnacle Press -- old strips and new


John Cole in the Scranton Times-Tribune (which charming changes web address every few months)


See also

Original blog incarnation with comments.


My problem w/ the original was that as links aged, or comics stopped updating, I would remove them from the list -- but had no way of finding back the removals cleanly (other them dumping them into the comments). I wished for a wiki-based version with a history feature. Who knows why it took me so long to actually translate it to this medium....



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