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See also: Fix Flow Tips. Most apply to the GeminiTwo skin as well.



  • GeminiTwo is a skin designed by Hans Bracker which combines simple uncluttered layout and good readability, cross-browser support and a very high degree of customisation including easy changes for action menu and buttons and style switching.


  • You can use this skin on pmwiki.org by setting it: Set gemini skin
    And try the different style and layout options below.
    To revert to the default:  Set pmwiki default skin (you’ll see it when you leave this page)



  • The layout template is table based, with a header, a left side holding the SideBar?, a main part with a title bar keeping  a left margin, a Right Bar? which floats right and allows the content to flow beside and beneath it, and a full-width Page Footer?.


  • The standard layout can be replaced with an alternative layout, in which the title appears higher into the header space. This can look good for a site using a small logo. It can be switched with special links, or set as default in skin.php.


  • All sizing is done with proportional units, to give good readability when text sizes are changed in the browser.


  • The Right Bar? is a normal wiki page displayed in a right “floating” box. It can hold small bits of news or links etc. A $Group.RightBar page will appear if it exists and there is any content in it. Otherwise the page Main.RightBar will be used. If no content or no page exists nothing will show! It is easy to permanently disable it in gemini.tmpl if it is not wanted. A configuration option can hide the Rightbar by default, so it can be used only for specific pages or groups using markup (:showright:). This has been enabled here on pmwiki.org.
    • see the [GroupName].Header page for layout


  • The Right Bar? can act as the main menu bar, by excluding the lefthand bar ((:noleft:)), and possibly including the Main.Sidebar ((:include Main.SideBar:) in page Right Bar? ).  


  • Page actions or other links in the top left corner and underneath the page content are defined through wiki pages called PmWiki Admin.Page Top Menu? and PmWiki Admin.Page Foot Menu?. This enables easy configuration of action buttons and other desired links. It is also an easy way to hide certain action links. One can have also custom pages for the action-links in different groups, just create a PageFootMenu and/or PageTopMenu page in any group. They will automatically have preference. The top menu bar can be disabled on any page or group also through a (:notopmenu:) directive. (:nofootmenu:) will hide the foot menu.


  • Logo and wiki title are displayed by configuring PmWiki Admin.Page Header?, footer information can be added by creating PmWiki Admin.Page Footer?. Group versions of these pages can be created to display group-specific page header and footer information.


  • The directives (:nofooter:), (:noheader:), (:noleft:), (:noright:), (:notitle:) etc work well with this skin. I added (:notopmenu:) and (:nofootmenu:) directives to disable the top and foot menus if so desired. (:noleft:) and (:noright:) are also included in the altforms.php file. Another custom markup (:nogroup:) can be used to hide the groupname in the titlebar on individual pages and groups. To disable the groupname alltogether a switch can be set in skin.php.


  • Style switching is made possible through a modular structure and the inclusion of various css files for different fonts and color schemes. I will add to these and keep refining them. It is easy to change the colores or fonts used since all css statements for a particular color scheme or font scheme are together in one css file. More files for more schemes can be added.


Color schemes:

Font schemes:


Alternative Layouts:



  • The edit window has been maximised for easier work. The title is a link back to page view. The reset button is replaced with a cancel button. The normal title has been excluded (this is easily configurable). The footmenu is not shown in the dit window. a second set of Save, Preview and Cancel buttons has been added below the edit textarea. Similar modifications apply to the history window and the uploads window. The uploads form has been changed too to give a long input box for the file selection, since I never could read the name of the file to be uploaded in the default box. All changes to these windows are in a script called altforms.php, which could be moved to the cookbook folder and used by other skins as well.


  • The SideBar supports the use of second level list elements, which are indented from the first level. See my page about expanding menus(approve sites) for details how this can be used and see the sidebar there as demonstration. Pmwiki.org’s sidebar causes a few problems since it uses in some places two links on the same line. Gemini always puts each link on a seperate line, and puts any text after a link on a seperate line as well. So it is good to write your sidebar menu accordingly.


  • You can visit the demo on my testsite(approve sites). enjoy! ~Hans 19 Jan 2005


  • This skin is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and valid css.


Browser Compatibility

This is an incomplete listing of the browsers which have been seen working with this skin.

  • Works with Firefox 1, IE5, IE5.5, IE6, Netscape 7(.0x?), Opera 7.
  • Works with Safari, Firefox 1, Netscape 6, IE5.1 Mac classic, IE5.2 OSX.
    The Rightbar in IE for Mac does not allow the text to flow around the box.
  • Works with Firefox 1, Konqueror



  • Version 8c (15 May 05): Restored logo display via $PageLogoUrl definition in config.php. Logo thus defined will display, unless a Page Header? page exists (in PmWiki Admin?, Main or the current group).
  • Version 8b (9 May 05): Fixed bug which stretched the sidebar in IE6 vertically when content page got very long.
  • Version 8a (7 May 05): A change in the way the defaults are declared in skin.php. It is now possible to set new defaults in config.php (or a group’s Group Name?.php file for instance to set different colours to different groups)
  • version 8 (5 May 05): This is a major upgrade and requires some reconfigurations. Brief summery:
    • Added inclusion of Pmwiki Admin.Page Header? for configuration of logo or wiki title text. This replaces the logo inclusion via config.php and skin-template markup.
    • The other configuration pages (PageTopMenu, PageFootMenu, Pagefooter) can be placed also in the new PmWikiAdmin group.
    • Added nine more colour schemes, some with textured backgrounds.
    • Some parts of the template, skin.php and css code redesigned.
    • Sidebar redesign with better line support.
    • Sidebar searchbox can be disabled, or added at different locations.
    • Group name in titlebar can be disabled for all pages with switch in skin.php, or disabled on individual pages or groups with custom markup (:nogroup:).
    • skin.php rewritten for easier setting of options, and more commentaries added.
    • Many files renamed and image folder added.- It is best to update to this version by deleting previous files, or renaming previous skin directory first.
  • version 7 (7 Mar 05): This update requires some reconfigurations/renaming of the action menu pages. I hope the new names are more logical, and the added true pagefooter is useful: Changed PageAction to PageTopMenu, changed PageFooter to PageFootMenu, added PageFooter as window-wide footer for copyright notices etc. Moved “Page last modified ...” from template into PageFootMenu for better customisation. Removed footmenu from edit page. Added second save button to edit page underneath edit area. Adjusted sidebar font sizes. Included a configuration option in skin.php to hide the rightbar by default and show it only using special markup (:showright:) for pages or groups which need a rightbar.  
  • version 6 (17 Feb 05): This is an update to the colour (color) css modules, lightening the content backgrounds, and some small changes to borders and buttons.
    I fixes a bug which prevented showing the rightbar background and border when the color was not set, and a bug which prevented menu items in the sidebar using the whole width of it.
  • version 5 (15 Jan 05) I rewrote lots of css code to make the skin more cross-browser compatible and stable.
    The order of the links appearing in the top right action menu are reversed, meaning they will appear in the order of the list.
    The edit form has been fixed so it will not stretch in IE6 when text gets entered.






The latest version requires pmwiki 2 beta22 upwards.
There is a detailed installation text included.
Install in the usual way by unzipping into skin directory.
A directory named gemini will be created with all the files.
Upload this and add to config.php:
$Skin = ‘gemini’;


All the page action links are configured on wiki pages, not in the template. You need to create at least a page called Main.PageTopMenu and/or Main.PageFootMenu holding the action links.  These are easily customisable. You can remove or add links there. Full instructions are in the zip file.


Any group specific pages for page actions or Right Bar? will take precedence over the Main.versions, like Mygroup.RightBar, Mygroup.PageFooter, Mygroup.PageFootMenu, Mygroup.PageTopMenu.




  • (R. Fink) Would be nice to reduce font size of text in the left hand menu pane, to equal the font size of the right sidebar box; also, remove horizontal lines between 2nd-order menu elements in left pane, so that only the top-most menu items are surrounded by horizontal lines.  The large fonts and lines between everything looks cluttered - but this is just my opinion :-)  I really like the mouse-over highlighting, the right menu bar, the color transition at the top on the blue color, and the extra search buttons at the bottom (crosslink, ...)
    To remove horizontal lines for second order list elements add to each color module (i.e. blue-color.css, sand-color.css etc) #sidebar ul ul li { border-top:0} . To reduce sidebar font sizes change in each font module (i.e. font-sans.css, font-times.css etc) at the beginning the #sidebar line to #sidebar { font-size:75%; } (or choose a smaller value). I have changed the last in the latest release. ~Hans


  • (Radu) OK, here are the changes I made to my version of the gemini6 (and now 7) skin: a couple of relatively unimportant style changes, and in the edit template (altforms.php):
    • added the minor edit checkbox to the bottom too
    • removed the Page Top Menu? too (I find it superfluous here)
  • below the Page Top Menu? I added conditional icons to show some of the attrs of the current page (Author name and who can see, edit, admin, upload - open, page-restricted, group-restricted, wiki-restricted)
  • I’m also planning to add different color styles for followed links
  • You mentioned that it’s OK for me to post it under this skin rather than a different one. Should I send you the files I change when I do, or just post my own zip?


You could upload your own zip, just make sure you have a different folder name from gemini. Then you could either just put a link here, like Attach:gemini-radu.zip, and ideally a link to a demo site so visitors can see the modified skin, or have a seperate cookbook skin page and ask PM to install it.
Re: removed PageTopMenu: If there is no page called PageTopMenu then no menu appears at the top. ~Hans No, I meant I removed the markup that was including it on the edit page, i.e.

 if ($action==‘edit’)
   Set Tmpl Display?(‘Page Top Menu Fmt?’, 0);


  • (Ma Ben?) The highlight (bold font) of the menu SideBar? don’t work in my installation; in the Page Header? is it OK; where could I switch on?


look in the relevant font-...css file you are using, for instance font-verdana.css has a #sidebar h1 { .. font-weight:700;}; look for font-weight, reduce to 600 or delete. ~HansB?