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AspDotNet: Wcf Test Client


WCF Test Client (WcfTestClient.exe)
Downloading wcf test client without VS
Tips for Launching WCF Test Client
Using the WCF Test Client to Test Your Workflow Service
Simulate WCF Call using WCF Test Client



C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\WcfTestClient.exe


get WCF test client w/o installing VisualStudio - link has a bundled set of vs2008-era files. Worked for me on a client machine.


Features supported by WCF Test Client

The following is a list of features supported by WCF Test Client:

    Service Invocation: Request/Response and One-way message.
    Bindings: all bindings supported by Svcutil.exe.
    Controlling Session.
    Message Contract.
    XML serialization.

The following is a list of features not supported by WCF Test Client:

    Types: Stream, Message, XmlElement, XmlAttribute, XmlNode, types that implement the IXmlSerializable interface, including the related XmlSchemaProviderAttribute attribute, and the XDocument and XElement types, the ADO.NET DataTable type and the DataSet type (as well as its typed-derived classes).
    Duplex contract.
    Security: CardSpace , Certificate, and Username/Password.
    Bindings: WSFederationbinding, any Context bindings and Https binding, WebHttpbinding (Json response message support).



MaxReceivedMessageSize error

The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded.
To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element.



Q I checked the service’s web.config and yep! My service has a small size. What should I do?

make it larger. Say, 2147483647

notes on the size
this should really be somewhere else, and xreffed


Q I checked the service’s web.config and the service config is ALREADY much larger; how can this be happening?!?!?

It’s a client-side issue, not a service issue. You have to update the config for the WcfTestClient itself!!!


Changing the WCF Test Client configuration


  1. At the bottom of the service, there will be a ConfigFile node.
  2. Right-click for an option to edit.
  3. Make you edits
  4. SAVE in the editor
  5. Refresh the service in WcfTestClient
    1. It will probably prompt to auto-refresh
  6. Try again!
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