If you run from VisualStudio, you’re not using inetmgr, you’re using Cassinni. It’s easier to attach the debugger, but is not always what you want.
F’r instance, SERVICES.


Instead, set up a virtual director in inetmgr that points to the project folder.
Now, whenever anything attempts to go to http://localhost/<project-path> it runs in the project.
If you attach the Visual Studio debugger to the w3wp.exe instance for the correct Application Pool, you can debug the code.
VS2010 has a plugin that gives you a button to do this automatically; the button does not work with Server2003, however.


some things to remember

  • Check the Application Pool’s identity
    • default := Network Service
  • Double check Application Pool’s identity’s permissions on external directories (if applicable)
  • Clear out the temporary ASP.NET files (something like C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\framework version\Temporary ASP.NET Files )



Scott Hanselman: If you’re not using Glimpse with ASP.NET for debugging and profiling, you’re missing out



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